Hokie Pride Day Activities

What is the purpose of Hokie Pride Day?

The purpose of this annual event is to promote pride and enthusiasm for Virginia Tech and its athletic programs.  Show your Hokie Pride, and encourage others, by making your loyalties known to all.  Let's get our Hokie Spirit revved up and ready for the upcoming football season!  Many activities are planned to celebrate Hokie Pride Day, and you can lead the way in your community as well.
What can you do to celebrate Hokie Pride Day in your community?  

Here are some ideas that have been used in previous years.  Use your creativity to make Hokie Pride Day a great day to remember throughout the entire Hokie Nation.

Wear maroon and orange and items with the VT logo.  Fly Virginia Tech flags at homes and businesses.  Decorate your vehicle for the day.

Encourage your employer or arrange for your own business to have a Hokie Pride casual dress day.

Work with local businesses and restaurants to offer Hokie Pride specials, such as discounts for wearing maroon and orange.

Work with businesses to use their signage or marquees for messages of support for the Hokies.  Link here to see businesses that have shown their Hokie Pride on their signs.

Arrange for television and radio public service announcements.  Local television news programs are eager to arrange for interviews with community interest.  Explore the possibility of a Hokie Pride feature story or interviews with Hokie Club or Virginia Tech Alumni members.

Run a newspaper ad announcing Hokie Pride Day and local events that are planned.  Invite your local newspaper to feature a story on your Hokie Pride Day activities.

Have your local government issue a Hokie Pride Day proclamation in support of Virginia Tech and its programs.

Distribute posters to local businesses and school classrooms for them to post.  Link here to print your own Hokie Pride Day poster and for tips on organizing a poster distribution program.

Arrange a community Hokie Pride Day picnic as a gathering place for celebration.

Sponsor a contest for the Best-Dressed Hokie Fan at work or during a community gathering.