Poster Distribution Tips
Consider printing and making professional-quality copies of the Hokie Pride Day poster. Link here to download the poster image.  Arrange for your Hokie Pride Day committee to distribute it to local businesses for posting in prominent locations to get out the word that Hokie Pride Day is on the way.

Poster Distribution Tips for
Hokie Pride Day Committee Members

Comprehensive List of Businesses

Consider organizing your community by geographic regions and asking members of your organization to distribute posters in high-traffic businesses in those regions.  Turn in the names of businesses who agree to display the posters.  Keeping a list of the people who approached certain businesses this year can be used to prepare for next year.  Try to determine if a business is assigned to someone else on the comprehensive list to avoid duplication of effort.

Contacting Businesses

Ask each Hokie Pride Day committee member to make contact with desgnated businesses in the region and talk with the manager of the business about the purpose of Hokie Pride Day.  Levels of participation can range from displaying a poster, offering specials to Hokie fans who come in on Hokie Pride Day, or allowing their employees to dress in orange and maroon on Hokie Pride Day.  Click on the link below for a sample handout to give to businesses that summarizes ways they could participate.

Remind them there is no charge to participate, it is purely a day to promote pride and support of Virginia Tech.

Small or local businesses should be contacted about one month before Hokie Pride Day.  Businesses who need approval from a corporate office should be contacted now, to have enough time to get permission to participate.

Consider ways your organization can get the word out to Hokie fans in your area of which businesses have Hokie Pride Day specials and encourage Hokie fans to support those businesses.

Follow Up

Please turn in the names of businesses who agreed to participate to your local Hokie Pride Day committee chairman so your organization can keep the list up to date each year.

Thanks to all Hokie Pride supporters  who participate in the poster distribution.  Let's try to turn our community into a sea of Maroon and Orange on Hokie Pride Day.

Link here to get a copy of a sample handout to give to businesses.