History of Hokie Pride Day

The idea of "Hokie Pride Day" was born out of the excitement and pride associated with Virginia Tech's appearance in the 2000 National Football Championship game. Rick Harman, Sr., a member of the Roanoke Valley Hokie Club,  proposed this concept for a day of promoting pride and enthusiasm for Virginia Tech and its football team in an annual community event.  Rick Harman and Randy Woodson worked with the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund to launch the first Hokie Pride Day in August, 2000.  Members of the Roanoke Valley Hokie Club, as well as the local alumni association chapter, pitched in to spread the word throughout the Roanoke Valley.
The celebration of the first Hokie Pride Day included inviting Roanoke Valley businesses to display professionally printed posters provided by the Virginia Tech Athletic Foundation, displaying messages of support on signs and marquees, and offering specials to Hokie fans frequenting the businesses on Hokie Pride Day.  Roanoke County, the Town of Vinton, and the cities of Roanoke and Salem all issued proclamations that August 25th, 2000 would be observed as Hokie Pride Day.  The Hokie Pride Day Costume contest began at the season-opening Football Luncheon organized by the Roanoke Valley Hokie Club. The first Hokie Pride Day was a resounding success. 

Hokie Pride Day 2001 expanded in the Roanoke Valley with the inclusion of more members canvassing businesses to increase the participation and provide education locally of the purpose of Hokie Pride Day.

By 2002, Hokie Club chapter presidents were invited to join in the celebration of Hokie Pride Day in their community.  The VTAF continued to distribute professionally printed posters to all chapters of the Hokie Club. Hokie Sports - The Newspaper provided coverage of Hokie Pride Day each year.   The football game schedule in 2002 allowed for information about Hokie Pride Day to be shown on the Jumbotron in Lane stadium.  In 2002 and 2003, radio and television stations provided news stories and public service announcements about Hokie Pride Day.  Members of the Roanoke Valley Hokie Club were interviewed live on WDBJ television.   In 2003-2005, Virginia Tech Magazine published articles about Hokie Pride Day which brought inquiries from all over the globe, including Afghanistan and Iraq.

Planning for the upcoming Hokie Pride Day is already underway.  We are hoping Hokie fans wherever they are can take ideas from this site to launch a Hokie Pride Day celebration for members of the Hokie Nation in their community.

Your Organization is Part of the Hokie Nation

This is your chance to lead the way and organize your group, no matter how big or small, to spread the word about Hokie Pride Day, and to show your support for Virginia Tech and its world-class programs -- athletic, academic, and research.  Join the Hokie Nation in showing your Hokie Pride.

Pick one, some, or all of the suggested activities.  Print out a Hokie Pride Day Poster to display at your workplace, or business, or classroom.  Make copies of the poster to distribute throughout your community.  The opportunities are only limited by your creativity.  The important part is to show how you and your community are proud and enthusiastic about Virginia Tech and the Hokies.